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CFP: Political Agency in the Digital Age

Call for Papers for ECREA Symposium “Political Agency in the Digital Age: Media, Participation and Democracy” taking place in the context of the „Communication and Democracy Conference“ 2015 9-10 October 2015, at Copenhagen Business School: „Research on media and politics has traditionally tended towards separating the sphere of politics from political processes in other societal […]

CfP Protest Räume

Call for Papers: Protest Räume? Zum Verhältnis von Protest und Raum in der geographischen Debatte. Panel auf dem Deutschen Kongress für Geographie, Berlin, 1.-6. Oktober 2015. OrganisatorInnen: Catarina Gomes de Matos und Daniel Mullis Der arabische Frühling, die Occupy- und Indignadosproteste und vielfältige ‚Recht auf Stadt‘-Bewegungen haben in den letzten Jahren zu einer verstärkten sozialwissenschaftlichen Beschäftigung […]

CFP: New Perspectives on the Problem of the Public

The Centre for the Study of Democracy is hosting a two day conference, ‚New Perspectives on the Problem of the Public‘ in the Board Room, 309 Regent Street, 15-16 May 2014.  This inter-disciplinary conference brings together researchers from communications and media, built environment, education, geography and political theory to discuss the implications of the rise […]

CFP: Sustainability, ethics and the cyberspace

Interesting CFP by the European Meetings on Cybernetics and Systems Research (EMCSR) Get the call here: „The variety of current and emerging societal challenges underlines the demand for new concepts towards sustainable ways of living. While sustainability primarily addresses environmental issues, this symposium asks for wider (ethical) perspectives. The extensive diffusion of ICT and the […]

CFP: Society of the Query Reader

The INC Reader Series, edited by Geert Lovink, give an overview of the present day research, critique, and artistic practices in a thematic research field at once broad and limited. The set up is multidisciplinary, with academic (humanities, social sciences, software studies etc.), artistic, and activist contributors. In parallel with the second Society of the […]

CfP: Berlin Colloquium for Internet and Society

The Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) invites early stage researchers to a colloquium in Berlin. Within transdisciplinary discussion forums, post-docs and Ph.D. candidates are offered the opportunity to discuss and further develop their research in the field of Internet and society with other experts. The focus of the Berlin Colloquium for Internet […]

CfP: Digitale Gesellschaft – Partizipationskulturen im Netz

Die Ankündigung für diesen großartigen CfP gibt es von offizieller Seite tatsächlich nur als PDF, kaum zu glauben bei dem Titel: „Dass das Internet die Strukturen von Partizipation, Öffentlichkeit, Konsum und Politik verändert, ist einer der zentralen Ausgangspunkte der Debatte um die Mediatisierung der Gesellschaft. Dabei zeichnen sich zwei Tendenzen ab, die in ihren Bewertungen […]

Unlike Us Reader

Unlike Us aims to establish a research network of artists, designers, scholars, activists and programmers who work on ‘alternatives in social media’ and has just released its latest Call for contributions for the upcoming Institute of Network Cultures reader. The INC reader series are derived from conference contributions and produced by the Institute of Network […]

CfP: Digital Citizenship and Activism

Interesting CfP for a Special Issue of the eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government (JeDEM) Vol. 4 (1) – Digital Citizenship and Activism. From the announcement: „Nowadays, when citizens, activists and participants in social movements want to voice their opinions and negotiate their political identities they increasingly do so in hybrid media environments that are […]