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Szenarien adaptiver Bildgebung

Szenarien adaptiver Bildgebung is an illustration project that we developed together with the illustrator Josephine Rais. It focused on the concepts of mixed reality and the metaverse that currently shape the public debate with the goal to describe common caracteristics of what those images look like and how they shape action and perception. You can […]

The Earth Observation Guide

„The Earth Observation Guide“ was a speed book project that explored how the forms of spatial interaction change when weapons, cameras, sensors, servers, etc. start to actually move beyond our hands, desks and pockets. Team: Kristian Lukic, Boaz Levin, Owen Mundy, Daniel Herleth, Adam Kaplan, Frédéric Eyl, and Oliver Lerone Schultz. Abstract: Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles have become an omnipresent […]

Tableau zum bildnerischen Denken von Charles Sanders Peirce

Auswahl von 35 Zeichnungen von Peirce zum bildnerischen Denken in Zusammenarbeit mit Franz Engel, Tullio Viola, John Michael Krois, Horst Bredekamp und der Houghton Library, Harvard University. Ausstellungort: 2010–2018, Kolleg-Forschergruppe Bildakt und Verkörperung Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Ausstellungsbeitrag: Franz Engel, Moritz Queisner: Ich denke niemals in Worten. Zeichnungen von Charles S. Peirce, in: Humboldt 6 (2010), S. 3. Download […]