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From Slices to Spaces

Am Freitag, den 3.11.2017 spreche ich auf einem Panel zum Thema „Denken in Modellen“. Die Veranstaltung ist Teil der Salon-Serie Performing Encounters, die von Yvonne Reiners veranstaltet wird. Abstract: „Das Denken in Modellen betreiben Designer*innen, Szenograf*innen und Künstler*innen, aber auch Kurator*innen im Planungsprozess. Die Modelle werden, wenn es “große” Entwürfe, etwa von Architekt*innen sind, öffentlich […]

Conference: Remote Control

Together with my colleagues Nina Franz and Kathrin Friedrich, I organize the conference: Remote Control – Scales of Mediated Intervention International conference, June 29th and 30th 2017 Cluster of Excellence Image Knowledge Gestaltung Sophienstrasse 22a, 10178 Berlin Central Laboratory (2nd courtyard, 2nd floor) (Please RSVP online, participation is free of charge) The two-day conference assembles […]

Conference Culture and Computer Science

I will present the paper „Disrupting Screen-Based Interaction – Design Principles of Mixed Reality Displays“ at the Conference Culture and Computer Science taking place at May 18-19, 2017 at Bode-Museum, Berlin. The 15th edition of the ”Culture and Computer Science“ conference series focuses on best practice examples, challenges and future trends of mixed reality as a strategy to bring […]

Charité BIH Entrepreneurship Summit

I will be a discussant at the the Charité BIH Entrepreneurship Summit taking place at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities on May 8 – 9, 2017. The summit is a preeminent international cross-disciplinary forum for sharing and exploring the most important discoveries and emerging trends influencing the future of healthcare around the world. […]

Conference Situation Space

Together with my colleagues Luisa Feiersinger and Kathrin Friedrich I will host the conference Situation Space – How Spatial Images Define the User’s Disposition. International conference, January 12th and 13th 2017 Cluster of Excellence Image Knowledge Gestaltung Sophienstrasse 22a, 10178 Berlin, Central Laboratory (2nd courtyard, 2nd floor) Download the full program with abstracts (PDF) Download […]

Virtual Reality – digitale Welten gestalten

Am 5. Januar 2017, 17 Uhr, diskutiere ich mit Nina Franz (Kulturwissenschaftlerin, HU Berlin) und Rolf Giesen (Filmhistoriker, Berlin/Beijing) über das Thema „Virtual Reality – digitale Welten gestalten“. Die Podiumsdiskussion ist Teil der gemeinsamen Veranstaltungsreihe der Ausstellungen „Things to come. Science Fiction Film“ (Deutsche Kinemathek) und „+ultra. gestaltung schafft wissen“ (Bild Wissen Gestaltung. Ein Interdisziplinäres […]

Seminar on imaging and interaction in surgical practice

Together with my colleagues Thomas Picht, Kathrin Friedrich, Matthias Bruhn, Kirsten Ostherr, Rebekka Lauer and Anna Roethe I will teach an interdisciplinary seminar on medical imaging at Charité University Hospital in the winter term 2016/17. My part of the course will focus on experimental imaging technology in medical practice with a particular focus on virtual […]

Medical Screen Operations

I will present a paper in our workshop Screen Operations, July 13–14, 2016 at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin: Medical Screen Operations. How Head-Mounted Displays Transform Action and Perception in Surgical Practice Based on case studies in minimally invasive surgery, this paper investigates how head-mounted displays (HMDs) transform action and perception in the operating theater. In particular, […]

Controlling senses and sensors in remote warfare

I will give a talk at the conference Control, Stockholm, June 14-17, 2016 at the 10th European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference. I co-organized the panel „Touch, Decision, Vision – Practices of Remote Control in Warfare“ together with Kathrin Friedrich and Nina Franz: Surgical interventions and military operations have become significantly depended […]

Looking through a soda straw: mediated vision in remote warfare

The Human Sensorium and its Prostheses: Aesthetic Viewpoints, Aarhus University, Jan 20–22, 2016 Image-guided military operations embed soldiers into a complex system of image production, transmission and perception, that on the one hand separate their bodies from the battlefield, but on the other hand mediates between them. Especially in remote controlled operations of so-called unmanned […]