I am a re­se­arch asso­ci­ate at the Cluster of Excellence Image Knowledge Gestaltung. An Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Hum­boldt Uni­ver­sity Ber­lin. I have an aca­de­mic back­ground in Media Studies and Science and Technology Studies with a fo­cus on me­dia theo­ry, image theo­ry and po­liti­cal theo­ry. My cur­rent re­se­arch in­clu­des pro­jects about aug­men­ted rea­lity, com­pu­ter si­mu­la­tion, so­cial me­dia, re­mote war­fare, lo­ca­tive me­dia and peer-to-peer eco­nomy.


CONF: The Power of Activist Videos

12 May 13 May 2017,  ICI Berlin
Christinenstr. 18/19, Haus 8 10119 Berlin
Web vi­de­os play a cru­ci­al role in the po­li­ti­cal pro­tests that mo­bi­li­ze today‘s ci­vil so­cie­ty. Spread and sha­red across so­ci­al me­dia, they draw at­ten­ti­on to a va­rie­ty of is­su­es, ser­ve as evi­dence and, ul­ti­mate­ly, as a call to ac­tion. In the at­tempt to win view­ers’ hearts and minds, va­rious new lm forms and prac­tices are emer­ging in the net­wor­ked spaces of the Web 2.0. These new ty­pes of vi­de­os ac­tively en­ga­ge their au­di­ence by in­vi­ting par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on, and thus con­tri­bu­te to the for­ma­ti­on of coun­ter­pu­blics and so­ci­al mo­ve­ments. However, the power of web vi­de­os re­mains a con­ten­tious is­sue, as it is of­ten as­so­cia­ted with pro­blems such as mi­su­se, de­cep­ti­on, ‘click­ti­vism‘ or sur­veil­lan­ce. The con­fe­rence will bring to­ge­ther in­ter­na­tio­nal re­se­ar­chers and ac­tivists to dis­cuss the po­li­ti­cal ae­s­thetics, stra­te­gies, and im­pact of the­se new lm forms – in short, the power of con­tem­pora­ry ac­tivist vi­de­os. For lon­ger ver­si­on plea­se see www.videoactivism.net

With: Tina Askanius Robin Celikates John Corner Jens Eder Sirin Erensoy Kathrin Fahlenbrach Maike Gosch Britta Hartmann Nanna Heidenreich Nather Henafe Alali Concha Mateos Leil-Zahra Mortada Kate Nash Sascha Simons Gabi Sobliye Chris Tedjasukmana Margarita Tsomou Malte Voß Thorsten Winsel. Organized by: Jens Eder, Britta Hartmann, Julian Radlmaier and Chris Tedjasukmana, fun­ded by the Volkswagen Foundation (Project: Video Activism 2.0 Between Social Media and Social Movements)

via ICI Berlin

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