Nach der Zentralperspektive?

Lesenswerter Artikel von Jennifer Allen im Frieze Magazine. Allen fragt sich, ob sich mit der Inflation von Bildern, die Aufsichten zeigen, eine Verlagerung verbindet, bei der das an eine feste Betrachterpostition gebundene Paradigma der Zentralpespektive zugunsten einer mobilen, vom Betrachter unabhängigen Sicht auf die Welt abgelöst wird: „Does this perspective imply more than just a way of seeing the world? I can’t approximate Erwin Panofsky’s Perspective as Symbolic Form (1927), but it’s intriguing to contemplate the differences between Renaissance linear perspective and the zooming celestial eye of our advanced space and information age, marked by satellites, digitalization and the Internet. The Renaissance point of view was a stable and singular one; GPS implies a subject on the move while Google cartography lets the subject choose from a variety of perspectives on destinations the world over. In Google cartography, what is homogeneous and continuous is not space, but travel. We get to every point – near and far – in the same way: on the screen. Even when we arrive, we keep moving around. Perhaps photojournalists have started snapping from above to lend their still photographs a hint of the mobility associated with GPS gadgets, just as artists may have started painting film stills to confound their canvases with movie screens.“ Weiter auf

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