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  1. Matthias 5. April 2018

    In eastern orthodox communities, it is customary to carry icons while marching the streets in protests as if they are protective shields. This is probably closely related to religious processions which have of course a lot more of these monstrances. I believe there is also an image out there of a priest at the front of a protest within a hostile environment (armed soldiers?), but I can’t find it right now.

    See here:

  2. Moritz 5. April 2018

    interesting. What I like about the mirror is that it actually reverses the perspective and by doing so it literally raises the question on which side you are. It makes you aware that you could switch side because you are one of them (as shown in the mirror).

  3. Matthias Planitzer 25. April 2018

    If the notion of the icon carried in a protest is „god is with us“, then this would be transformed into „you, the policeman/woman following orders, are with us“.

  4. Moritz 26. April 2018

    the religious aspect of this is interesting. I find the strategy of inclusion to be a very effective tool in those scenarios. There are little sources about this… at least from what I know.

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