Workshop on Wearable and Ego-vision Systems

The rapid progress in the development of systems based on wearable cameras, multi-sensor wearable devices and embedded computers have created the conditions to use multimedia and computer vision technologies to augment human experience in everyday life activities such as sport, education, social interactions, cultural heritage visits, etc. Wearable systems can be exploited for collecting and […]

Volatile Bewegungen im Netz – Unvorhergesehene Mobilisierung

Lesenswerter Artikel von Anne Wizorek auf über Aktivismus zwischen Netz und auf der Straße. Mein Punkt ist, ja immer, dass diese Kluft zunehmend verschwindet – nichtsdestotrotz gibt es schon noch genuin „digitale“ Formen des Protests: „Clicktivism und Slacktivism sind die Schlagwörter mit denen vor allem Pessimisten versuchen der Euphorie um das partizipative Potential des […]

CFP: New Perspectives on the Problem of the Public

The Centre for the Study of Democracy is hosting a two day conference, ‚New Perspectives on the Problem of the Public‘ in the Board Room, 309 Regent Street, 15-16 May 2014.  This inter-disciplinary conference brings together researchers from communications and media, built environment, education, geography and political theory to discuss the implications of the rise […]

CFP: Sustainability, ethics and the cyberspace

Interesting CFP by the European Meetings on Cybernetics and Systems Research (EMCSR) Get the call here: „The variety of current and emerging societal challenges underlines the demand for new concepts towards sustainable ways of living. While sustainability primarily addresses environmental issues, this symposium asks for wider (ethical) perspectives. The extensive diffusion of ICT and the […]

Conference on Transdisciplinary Imaging: ‘Cloud and Molecular aesthetics’

Call for abstracts (deadline Dec 14th 2013): The Third Transdisciplinary Imaging Conference at the intersections of art, science and culture seeks papers that explore the theme of the cloud and molecular aesthetics. Clouding occurs when information becomes veiled, foggy, fuzzy, obscure or secretive, or when it condenses, blooms and accretes into atmospheres of chaotic turbulence […]

Medical Augmented Reality development

The Explore Engage Blog lists an interesting overview of the recent development in Medical Augmented Reality – some of them being developed in Germany including the Augmented Reality system Mirracle and the Surgery Pad, a mobile medical augmented reality App for the iPad by the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg.

Cluster of Excellence Image Knowledge Gestaltung

Since 2013 I work as a research associate at the Cluster of Excellence Image Knowledge Gestaltung. An Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Hum­boldt Uni­ver­sity Ber­lin. The interdisciplinary laboratory is a union of social, natural and technological sciences, medicine and – for the first time in basic research – the disciplines of design and architecture as well. In the […]

Post Media Lab

In 2013 I was a a research associate at the Post-Media Lab which is situated at the Center for Digital Cultures in Lüneburg. The PML is a collaboration between Leuphana University and Mute Magazine. The Lab is focused on the potential for ‚post-media‘ practice, drawing upon Felix Guattari’s concept of social and medial assemblages which […]

Collegium for the Advanced Study of Picture Act and Embodiment

From 2009–2013 I have been a member of the Collegium for the Advanced Study of Picture Act and Embodiment at Humboldt University Berlin. The project aimed to transform the prevailing mimesis theory of pictures, which argues that images are conceived as likenesses, into a Picture Act Theory. Its focus was to conduct research on the […]

Research Training Centre Visibility and Visualization – Hybrid Forms of Pictorial Knowledge

From 2011–2015 I have been a member of the DFG Research Training Centre „Visibility and Visualisation – Hybrid Forms of Pictorial Knowledge“ at Potsdam University. The program explores forms of visualisation in science and art. In collaboration with Fachhochschule Potsdam and Freie Universität Berlin, the centre investigates practices of visualisation with a view to understanding […]