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Leap / Norther Star AR

Latest AR development from Leap’s Northern Star via twitter. Intersting approach but I am still wondering why people do actually still think of MR in the sense of a desktop replacing device. That won’t happen. Looking good but we need better use cases. Gif by prostheticknowledge.

3D Simulation in medical practice

I will give a talk on „3D Simulation in medical practice: #3D printing, #volumetric video, #mixed reality“ at   Humboldt Universität zu Berlin on 28.11.2017. Abstract: Der Vortrag präsentiert drei Projekte aus der laufenden Arbeit der Arbeitsgruppe „Screen Operations“, die jeweils spezifische Modalitäten der Darstellung und Wahrnehmung des Körpers thematisieren (3D-Druck, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality). Im Mittelpunkt steht dabei die […]

Mixed Reality in Visceral Surgery

I published the paper „Mixed Reality in vis­ce­ral sur­ge­ry – Development of a sui­ta­ble work­flow and eva­lua­ti­on of in­tra­ope­ra­ti­ve use-cases“ in Annals of Surgery. The pa­per eva­lua­tes the ap­p­li­ca­ti­on of a mi­xed rea­li­ty (MR) head-mounted dis­play (HMD) for the vi­sua­li­za­ti­on of ana­to­mi­c­al struc­tures in com­plex visceral-surgical in­ter­ven­ti­ons. The project is directed by Prof. Igor Sauer […]

Design Principles of Mixed Reality Displays

I published a short working paper entiteled „Disrupting Screen-Based Interaction. Design Principles of Mixed Reality Displays“ in the proceedings of the conference „Mixed Reality“ edited by Carsten Busch, Christian Kassung and Jürgen Sieck. Abstract: Transparent display technology fundamentally challenges the concept of the screen: it turns viewing first and foremost into using. Transparent media presents users with […]

Forthcoming: Mixed Reality in Visceral Surgery

Annals of Surgery accepted our manuscript „Mixed Reality in visceral surgery – Development of a suitable workflow and evaluation of intraoperative use-cases“ for publication. The paper evaluates the application of a mixed reality (MR) head-mounted display (HMD) for the visualization of anatomical structures in complex visceral-surgical interventions. Authors are I.M. Sauer, M. Queisner, P. Tang, S. Moosburner, […]

Conference Culture and Computer Science

I will present the paper „Disrupting Screen-Based Interaction – Design Principles of Mixed Reality Displays“ at the Conference Culture and Computer Science taking place at May 18-19, 2017 at Bode-Museum, Berlin. The 15th edition of the ”Culture and Computer Science“ conference series focuses on best practice examples, challenges and future trends of mixed reality as a strategy to bring […]

Charité BIH Entrepreneurship Summit

I will be a discussant at the the Charité BIH Entrepreneurship Summit taking place at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities on May 8 – 9, 2017. The summit is a preeminent international cross-disciplinary forum for sharing and exploring the most important discoveries and emerging trends influencing the future of healthcare around the world. […]