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Oakley Airwave Hud Goggles

Als Head-up-Displays bezeichnet man Displaysysteme, bei denen Informationen in das Sichtfeld eines Betrachters projiziert werden, ohne dass er seine Blickrichtung ändern muss. Oakley hat letztes Jahr eines der ersten Consumergeräte rausgebracht. Ich habe die Airwave mal anprobiert und war etwas enttäuscht, weil ich gedacht hatte, sie wäre AR-fähig. Der Display ist aber opak und die […]

Augmented Intervention Assistant

In contrast to the consumer market, the development for head-mounted-display applications for medical use is slowly reaching an acceptable level of technical practicability. We will probably see the first devices in operating theatres soon, although there are still many problems to overcome such as usability, implementation in the workflow, clinical restricitions or acurate tracking methods. […]

Counter Face Recognition

Even though I dont think this prototype will make it to the factory, it seems to be a better work-around than sunglasses and fake moustaches. I like that its an optical approach and not some kind of software-based firewall approach.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset concept for video games. It hit 1,5 million dollars at kickstarter in the first week! Nevertheless: Back it up! I think gaming is currently the motor of making Augmented Vision a consumer experience. Research and development on the merge of virtual and reality besides gaming remains largely conceptual […]