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Das Interface als immersiver Synthesizer

Gemeinsam mit Kathrin Friedrich spreche ich am Freitag, den 6.12.2013 auf der bildwissenschaftlichen Tagung „Bewegtbilder 2013. Interfaces und Dispositive von (interaktiven) Bewegtbildern“ in Kiel vom 5. bis 6. Dezember 2013 über das Operationsrobotersystem Da Vinci zum Thema „Das Interface als immersiver Synthesizer. Wie Bild, Blick und technisches Dispositiv synchronisiert werden“. Darum wird es gehen: Während […]

Head mounted display for endoscopic image display

This year, a number of medical device manufacturers have released 3D-compatible endoscopes for laparoscopic surgery, whereby an endoscope is inserted through multiple keyhole incisions in a patient’s abdomen, allowing the surgeon to confirm video images displayed on a monitor in real time. In conventional laparoscopic procedures, surgeons generally have to check the images on an […]

Augmented Intervention Assistant

In contrast to the consumer market, the development for head-mounted-display applications for medical use is slowly reaching an acceptable level of technical practicability. We will probably see the first devices in operating theatres soon, although there are still many problems to overcome such as usability, implementation in the workflow, clinical restricitions or acurate tracking methods. […]

Medical Augmented Reality development

The Explore Engage Blog lists an interesting overview of the recent development in Medical Augmented Reality – some of them being developed in Germany including the Augmented Reality system Mirracle and the Surgery Pad, a mobile medical augmented reality App for the iPad by the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg.