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Screen Operations. Conditions of Screen-based Interaction

International conference Screen Operations. Conditions of Screen-based Interaction The workshop investigated the relationship of screen and operation in visual culture, interaction and architectural design, computer history, medicine and warfare. We discussed the aesthetic, epistemic and operational modalities of screen operations in order to trace their political, technological and historical implications. 13.–14.7.2016, Cluster of Excellence Image […]

Bildoperationen. Das Problem der Mensch-Maschine Interaktion bei bildgeführten Interventionen

Citation: Queisner M. Bildoperationen. Das Problem der Mensch-Maschine Interaktion bei bildgeführten Interventionen. In: Goppelsröder F, Sternagel J, ed. Techniken des Leibes. Weilerswist: Velbrück; 2016:77–86.  Download via Abstract: Angesichts der zunehmenden strukturellen Verschaltung von Mensch und Maschine in der chirurgischen Praxis selbst genügt es nicht mehr, pathologische Veränderungen auf der Basis eines entsprechend theoriegeleiteten Bildwissensauf […]

Drone Vision. Sehen und Handeln an der Schnittstelle von Sinnen und Sensoren

The paper investigates the concept of mediated vision in remote warfare with regard to how it determines action and perception in military interventions. In senseAbility – Mediale Praktiken des Sehens und Hörens, a volume published by Beate Ochsner and Robert Stock. Citation: Queisner M. Drone Vision: Sehen und Handeln an der Schnittstelle von Sinnen und Sensoren. In: Ochsner B, […]

Drone Research Network

Together with Nina Franz, Ulrike Franke, Arthur Michel and Dan Gettinger I co-founded the Drone Research Network in 2016. The [Drone Research Network] is an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of ideas and projects relating to the study of drones. An international community of experts, the Network facilitates communication and collaboration among drone researchers. The […]

Image Guidance. Bedingungen bildgeführter Operation

Unter dem Begriff ‚Image Guidance‘ diskutiert der Band die ästhetischen, operationalen und epistemischen Bedingungen, unter denen Visualisierungen zu Medien der Steuerung und Handlungsanleitung werden. Die Beiträge analysieren image guidance als Darstellungs-, Wahrnehmungs- und Handlungsprinzip in Architektur, Gestaltung, Medizin, Computerspiel, Militär, Kulturgeschichte und Raumfahrt. Citation: Friedrich K, Queisner M, Roethe A , ed. Image Guidance: Bedingungen bildgeführter Operation. […]

Conceptualizing Screen Practices

Together with my colleagues Kathrin Friedrich, Christian Stein and Michael Friedman I edited this volume on head-mounted displays. It is published as a special issue of the journal Media Tropes entiteled:  Conceptualizing Screen Practices: How Head-Mounted Displays Transform Action and Perception. Media Tropes is a highly recommendable, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary eJournal devoted to the study of […]

Medical Screen Operations

Based on case studies in minimally invasive surgery, the paper investigates how head-mounted displays (HMDs) transform action and perception in the operating theater. In particular, it discusses the methods and addresses the obstacles that are linked to the attempt to eliminate the divide between vision and visualization by augmenting the surgeon’s field of view with […]

Project Image Guidance in Surgery

From 2013–2018 I was part of the research team of the project Image Guidance. Image Guidance was an image-critical research project that, on the basis of medical practice and under the conditions of clinical interventions, developed proposals for the design of therapeutic processes and applications.  It was situated at the Cluster of Excellence »Image Knowledge […]

Touch, Decision, Vision – Practices of Remote Control in Warfare

I co-organized the panel „Touch, Decision, Vision – Practices of Remote Control in Warfare“ together with Kathrin Friedrich and Nina Franz International Conference Control, 10th European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference, Stockholm, 14.-17.6.2016 Abstract of the panel: Surgical interventions and military operations have become significantly depended on the separation of bodies through […]