Conference: Dealing with Crises

Founded in 2000, OURMedia is a global network with the goal of facilitating a dialogue between academics, activists, practitioners, artists, and policy experts around alternative/community/citizens’ media. It has produced a series of conferences that aims to build international bridges across typically disparate but naturally related worlds of academic research and social movements, media development cooperation and the arts. The upcoming conference 24–25 june 2013 in Dublin is about „Dealing with Crisis: Community, Alternative, Citizens’ and Social Media in Times of Change„. From the announcement: „‘Crisis’ has become the word most widely used to describe our shared global condition. Crisis highlights the urgency for change and for alternatives to established political, economic and media practices. For alternative, community, citizens’ and social justice media makers, crisis brings together many of the themes usually considered – from inequality of all kinds to ecological destruction, the need for political transformation and reconciliation.“ More details at the OURMedia website.

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