Head mounted display for endoscopic image display

This year, a number of medical device manufacturers have released 3D-compatible endoscopes for laparoscopic surgery, whereby an endoscope is inserted through multiple keyhole incisions in a patient’s abdomen, allowing the surgeon to confirm video images displayed on a monitor in real time. In conventional laparoscopic procedures, surgeons generally have to check the images on an external monitor as they perform the surgery, restricting their posture and movement. Now we see that those visualization technologies are being integrated into head-mounted displays, that enable the surgeon to position themselves flexibly as they perform their procedures. Sony for instance just announced the launch of a head-mount image processing unit capable of receiving and outputting endoscope image signals, or controlling video images, which can then be displayed in 3D or 2D on an accompanying head-mounted monitor. Now if this connects to the AR-innovations we could see a whole new dimension of virtual surgery. However, I am not sure if the possibility of easily switching between the virtual and the „real“ perspective is really bringing that much of an advantage. Instead i would really like to see transparent displays that augment the view of the surgeon.

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