Round table / Berlin: World Summit on the Information Society

Supermarkt is hosting a livesession of the WSIS+10 UNESCO conference panel „Open solutions for addressing global challenges„. The seesion will discuss how open technologies and contents can contribute contribute „to the democratization of creativity as well as to social, educational and economic growth and greater digital inclusion“ on the particular case of the situation in South Sudan (Open Source City Juba). Get the details at the supermarkt-website.

The larger context of the session is a bit more complicated: As per the UN General Assembly Resolution 56/183, the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) provided a forum in which multiple stakeholders including international organizations, governments, the private sector and civil society could discuss the opportunities of new information and communication environments in order to address challenges such as the inequality in access to information and communication (‘digital divide’). The Summit output of the two sessions in Geneva 2003 and Tunis 2005 is documented in the Geneva Plan of Action, the Geneva Declaration of Principles, the Tunis Commitment and the Tunis Agenda for Information Society. The implementation of WSIS outcomes will be reviewed by the UN General Assembly in 2015. In order to prepare this review the the UNESCO is hosting the so-called Multistakeholder WSIS+10 Review Event entitled „Towards Knowledge Societies for Peace and Sustainable Development“ with the intention to integrate its findings into the UN MDGs review process and into a possible post-2015 sustainable development framework.

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