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Digital Tailspin

Neue Ausgabe des INC Network Notebooks Ten Rules for the Internet After Snowden. Michael Seemann published is crowd-funded book Das neue Spiel last year. This is a shorter and updated english version of it. About the publication from the INC website: Privacy, copyright, classified documents and state secrets, but also spontaneous network phenomena like flash […]

Counter Face Recognition

Even though I dont think this prototype will make it to the factory, it seems to be a better work-around than sunglasses and fake moustaches. I like that its an optical approach and not some kind of software-based firewall approach.

For Your Eyes Only

„Privacy & Social Networks“-Konferenzen haben offenbar zurzeit Konjunktur: foryoureyesonly von EMSOC und SPION (zwei interdisziplinäre Forschungsprojekte, die von der Flemish Agency for Innovation (IWT) finanziert werden), ist nennenswert, weil sie ebenso nach dem Empowerment fragt, wie nach einer Kritik von Social Media. Aus dem Ankündigungstext: „Online Social Networks are sites in which the boundaries between […]