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The Charles Sanders Peirce Archive

Imeji Days 2014. Institut für Kunst- und Bildgeschichte, Humboldt University Berlin, Oct 21, 2014 (with Tullio Viola, Franz Engel, Frederik Wellmann) The Peirce Archive aims at designing and implementing an image-based archiving repository of the Nachlass of the American philosopher Charles S. Peirce. The archive will assemble around 100,000 manuscript pages that span more than […]

Towards a Digital Peirce Archive

Conference „Mind in Motion and the Body of the Sign – Peirce’s Semiotical Pragmatism“. Humboldt University Berlin, Mar 17, 2012 The talk presents the archival and technical concept to provide a large sample of the papers of the American philosopher Charles S. PeircePeirce online. The idea for an online Peirce Archive intends to put the […]