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New paper: Surgical planning in VR

👋 We just published a review on surgical planning in VR in the Journal of Medical Imaging. In the systematic review, we examine how virtual reality (VR) is transforming surgical planning. With VR, physicians can assess patient-specific image data in 3D, enhancing surgical decision-making and spatial localization of pathologies. Our review of the literature revealed […]

Max Rubner-Preis für PERISKOP

Tolle Neuigkeiten! Unser Digital Lab hat den diesjährigen Max-Rubner-Preis der Stiftung Charité gewonnen! 🏆🎉 Mit dem Preisgeld wollen wir unser Projekt PERISKOP vorantreiben, welches die Reduzierung präoperativer Angst und Unsicherheiten von Patientinnen in der OP-Umgebung fokussiert. Im Rahmen einer virtuellen Reise soll dieser Film Patientinnen den typischen Ablauf am Tag des Eingriffes, vom Ankommen in […]

Paper: VolumetricOR

Just published our paper on VR in surgery in Surgical Innovation. It’s a VR app that transforms how physicians learn about surgical interventions. Open access via PubMed. Check out the trailer via Created with Igor Sauer, Christopher Remde, Michael Pogorzhelskiy and Johann Pratschke at Experimental Surgery at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin.  Cite: Queisner M, Pogorzhelskiy M, Remde C, Pratschke J, Sauer IM. VolumetricOR: A New […]

Virtual nose and simulator sickness

Besides all the hightech opportunities of Augmented Vision people tend to forget about the fact the visual erception is a bodily experience, it’s not something we can completely virtualize: David Matthew Whittinghill, Bradley Ziegler, James Moore, and Tristan Case have found that a virtual nose may reduce simulatir sickness in virtual reality video games. Read on at […]