Lecture on „Adaptive Images“

I will give a lecture on „Adaptive Images“ at the international conference Image Servitude. New Dependencies in the Digital Age. at the University of Arts and Design, Karlsruhe.

Nov 21-23, 2019, HfG Karlsruhe – University of Arts and Design, Lorenzstr. 15, Karlsruhe, Location: Großes Studio (ground floor)

Abstract of the conference: Despite the increasing degree of digitization, many parts of the industrial chain cannot be automated. The result is a new division of labor, with the convenience of online services on one hand, and the exploitation of physical work on the other. In many cases there are direct relations to the speed and growth of image production. Human agents are still needed e.g. for censoring violent Internet content as long as pattern recognition tools are not yet reliable. In social sectors as well, images have been taking command. In medicine, military, or sports people are being forced into new patterns of behavior. Interactive and augmented media require special training and adaptation, especially in professional contexts.

While the invisibility of processes behind blockchain technology or artificial intelligence applications increases the dependence on what remains visible, homes are wired to the Internet, and children grow up in the presence of cameras. Computer-generated personae become teenage role models, while state of the art and easy to use apps lure users into virtualizing selfies/selves with just a few clicks. ‘Image Servitude’ seeks to pin down such new forms of visual dependency. Considering the field of picture theory and visual culture studies, the conference strives to map new terrains, and to translate the results into recommendations for a timely research and teaching.

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