Social Media and Contemporary Activism

There are definetly more books about the culture of the new protest movements  and the politics of dissent than I am able to read. Tweets and the Streets by Paolo Gerbaudo is another one worth considering: „From the Arab Spring to the ‚indignados‘ protests in Spain and the Occupy movement, Paolo Gerbaudo examines the relationship between the rise of social media and the emergence of new forms of protest. Gerbaudo argues that activists‘ use of Twitter and Facebook does not fit with the image of a ‚cyberspace‘ detached from physical reality. Instead, social media is used as part of a project of re-appropriation of public space, which involves the assembling of different groups around ‚occupied‘ places such as Cairo’s Tahrir Square or New York’s Zuccotti Park.“ Gerbaudo is a lecturer in Digital Culture and Society at King’s College in London. (Image: Screenshot of the book cover – Pluto Press)

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