Juba. The world’s first Open Source City?

Interesting workshop on „Open Source Culture in Post-Conflict Development“ initiated by Stephen Kovats (r0g), Roman Deckert (mict) and Ela Kagel (SUPERMARKT) taking place at SUPERMARKT Brunnestr. 64, Berlin on Friday June 22, 2012. From the announcement: „In many parts of the world, new governments and civic societies emerging from shattering conflict and revolution are facing the challenge to (re)construct nothing less than entirely new nations. Urgent calls to define political participation, state identity, economic development, self-determination and freedom to speak, learn, move and – very often- to reconcile among resolute opponents have transformed seemingly local conflicts into issues of global concern.

Considering this scenario in the age of social networks, citizen media and innovation in digital collaboration #OSJUBA seeks to apply the means and tools of creative Open Source methodologies to the future of development and capacity building, particularly in post-conflict society. Where no uniform political entity or national infrastructure has existed in the past, what are the priorities in establishing a state? Who charts the paths and gives the people a voice in their collective destiny? How will a new, post-conflict identity, based on the hopes and aspirations of former lifelong combatants emerge? How will the new state’s cultural contours form, and how will these be perceived by its neighbors and by the world at large?

Geraldine de Bastion (newthinking), Micz Flor (Sourcefabric), Maja Bott (KfW), Kai Voeckler (Archis Interventions), Jörn Schultz (icebauhaus) Simon Höher + Emanuel Schwarz (knowable.org), Christian Bauer (Artesian), Jan Tretschok + Carolin Wiedemann (xm:lab), Nikolay Georgiev (Open Source Ecology), Johhny West (OpenOil), Stephanie Hankey (Tactical Technology Collective) and Georgios Papadopoulos (alt. economies)

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