Near-Field Communication Digital Art Biennale

#nfcdab is a DIY or DIWO? digital art biennale that travels on wireless technologies, light waves and electromagnetic fields e.g.: Wi-Fi routers, QR codes or NFC tags to access content. the idea of the biennale is to take advantage of the potential of near-field (mis)communication and other sharing technologies for making web-based digital art accessible in outdoors settings. it slack-keeps presence next to the frameworks of galleries and institutions.

#nfcdab 2018 is a multi-centered, travelling biennale which will take place in Gol(NO), Warsaw, Wroclaw(PL), Amsterdam(NL), Valencia(ES), and possibly Prague(CZ), Berlin (DE), Athens(GR) throughout 2018.

#nfcdab Gol is taking place from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th of May 2018. The biennale uses public space as its platform for exhibition and events:

  • Planter exhibition of 56 works at Flekken park (map). Media: visual-, video-, web-, network-, essay-, performance-, installation-, descriptive-, imaginary-, simulated-, dissimulated-, sound-, site-specific-, land-, phenomenological-, game-, personal satelite radio system broadcast-, spam-, chatbot-, and other arts. The digital works are accessed through QR codes on smartphone and tablet.
  • Roaming activity by organizer and public consisting of an exploration of the wider surroundings as psychogeography, tagging, scanning, as artist-bricoleurs within the technological and social given.
  • Alternative mapping strategies of exhibition and roaming. Adding works and findings into an essayistic, forking narrative as a sum-over-histories, resisting the collapse of dimensionalities, empowering the virtual as human experience.
  • Experimental catalogue and documentation practice. Fictionalization, obfuscation, and muddling of information, activating associative, lateral, derailing storylines. a staging of events, not for common digestion all bombyx (written on a box of canned silk worm pupaes). there should always be the possibility that the biennale doesn’t exist. it may be a practical joke or simply a hallucinating of arcane references found in public spaces, toilet walls, and bricked streets.

the character of the gol biennale is low-tech and low profile, even to the degree of being ‚bricked‘ (unresponsive) as a strategy against the spectacle which is technology.

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