For Your Eyes Only

„Privacy & Social Networks“-Konferenzen haben offenbar zurzeit Konjunktur: foryoureyesonly von EMSOC und SPION (zwei interdisziplinäre Forschungsprojekte, die von der Flemish Agency for Innovation (IWT) finanziert werden), ist nennenswert, weil sie ebenso nach dem Empowerment fragt, wie nach einer Kritik von Social Media. Aus dem Ankündigungstext:

„Online Social Networks are sites in which the boundaries between the private and public are and can be contested. Recent research and initiatives that engage in these contestations make it evident that privacy is a multifaceted and complex concept. Hence, it can best be grasped using perspectives from different disciplines and social contexts. SPION and EMSOC, two interdisciplinary projects funded by the Flemish Agency for Innovation (IWT), have taken on the challenge of researching how the private and public is renegotiated in Online Social Networks. Researchers in both projects explore technical, legal and social strategies through which users can be empowered. They further develop technical solutions, educational material and policy recommendations with the objective of mitigating the responsibilization of end users with respect to their privacy.“ (Bild: Logo EMSOC) Mehr unter:

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